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Dewesoft, Llc.

DEWESoft, the leading edge in data acquisition instrumentation, offers a full suite of hardware for in-vehicle and lab data acquisition applications.  Scalable from as small as four to thousands of channels, our instruments are available as handheld USB/EtherCAT devices, stand-alone battery-powered systems, or rack-mounted configurations. And all of the DEWESoft equipment can be synchronized together to form systems that can be synchronized together to get tests of thousands of channels with 24-bit A/D and up to 200 kilosamples per second.  Powered by the powerful DEWESoft X software, that can acquire many multi-domain test sets that may include analog in/out, digital in/out, video, CAN, FlexRay, XCP, GPS, and much more. DEWESoft is the next evolution of data acquisition instrumentation, designed to handle a variety of automotive applications such as:  ride handling, brake testing, durability testing, road load, combustion analysis, battery and hybrid testing, pass-by-noise, NVH testing, order tracking,torsional vibration, balancing, real-time kinematics, ACC, ISO lane change, and more. And DEWESoft has specific applications designed for a variety of setups, such as Hybrid, Hydrogen, and Electric vehicle testing, monitoring charging analysis, harmonic calculations, and EMC Tests.