The EEI Loss Control/Fire Protection Committee will meet during Experience POWER for the purpose of conducting business, sharing information and ideas, networking, and industry advancement. In today’s business environment, many utilities are restricting the number of events and travel of their employees whereas those who support utilities struggle with the costs associated with face-to-face time with these utilities. We are glad to offer the opportunity to attend the EEI LCFP Committee meeting at the same venue as Experience POWER, the Distributed Energy Conference, and HydrogeNext so that everyone can capitalize on traveling to a single location, get quality education, training, and insights they are used to yet preserve their individual mission and goals.


Tuesday, October 19

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Wednesday, October 20

Thursday, October 21

Michael Buckley
Senior Financial Analyst
Edison Electric Institute
This is a Private/Closed Session for Utility Members only. This allows for candid open discussion about real issues that can be addressed in a small work group.

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08/02/2021 - 09/19/2021




09/20/2021 - 10/23/2021



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- 10/23/2021